Let It Go! Let it Go!


Seriously, LET…IT…GO! I love Frozen as much as the next grandmother, but enough is enough with the princess movies and books!

I have such dreams and goals for my little precious granddaughter, Natty Cat, and none of them involve a castle. Natty Cat is now almost 4 years old and I miss the 18 month old who didn’t wanna wear a crown! What happened to that little girl?

Media happened…TV happened…Friends happened…. How do we get her back? Or how do we make her see at an early age that she has so many more options?

It seems like overnight she became a pink princess! And yes, that seems to be the norm these days for 4 year old little girls. Every costume in the stores is either Anna or Elsa! There is glitter and glam and everything fantasy. Is it wrong to want to insert a tad of reality in our granddaughter’s lives …even at an early age?

Am I wrong to want them to concentrate more on their minds instead of the latest fashion fad?

Am I wrong to want them to start dreaming about how they can impact our world by the professions they choose?

Am I wrong?

I hope not.

You see, I want Natty Cat to discover her worth. I want her to know she is smart and capable and her opinions matter. I want her to stand up for herself and I want her to be equal to anyone and everyone.

This is also what I want for every little girl out there. And it starts with the tapes we put into their little minds even at age 4.  It starts with telling them they can be smart. It starts with telling them they can be talented. It starts with telling them it doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work. But it can happen.

Amazing adventures are ahead for all of our little girls.

So let’s look a tad closer at those words to Let It Go …. “Let it go. Let it Go. I am one with the wind and the sky…It’s time to see what I can do…To test the limits and break through…”

Yes, let’s teach our girls at every opportunity to test whatever limits limit them. Let’s teach them to really LET IT GO and see just how far they truly can go! The sky is the limit for this next generation of young women! This Maw Maw can’t wait to see what they will do!


Janet Farrar Byington

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