Welcome by Cheryl

I am an artist whose primary medium is watercolor. I have always enjoys painting different subjects that delight or inspire me.

And I have always wanted to try my hand at illustration.

I have written a few children’s books of my own (not yet published), and I’ve started work on helping them come to life through pictures. I’ve attended book writing and illustrating conferences, and I’ve read lots and lots of children’s books.

My grandchildren are my inspiration for the books I have written, and they are also the inspiration for my illustrations.

When Janet approached me with her idea for a book focused on helping very young girls learn more about their place and potential in the world, I thought of my grandkids and immediately agreed. With pictures of our granddaughters in hand, I created the inquisitive Natty Cat, and her wise friend, Libby.

The journey from that day in December 2015, when I introduced Janet to my version of Natty Cat until now, has been one of discovery and perseverance.

Like our heroines, Janet and I learned that with hard work and dedication we too can achieve great things.

Cheryl Hodge



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